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How I Came to Christ

I believe you should know how I came to Christ. It is something important, the very thing that empowers me to write this blog. Without Christ I wouldn’t be writing this blog, that you are reading.

How I came to Christ – My Story of Believing

As a young child I always went to Sunday School, VBS, and other similar activities. I learned about Jesus, Heaven, God, and the Bible. I knew Bible stories, like Adam & Eve, and Noah & the Ark. I knew what sin was, or better said, I knew of sin and that it was something bad.
I had heard of Jesus, and how He came to earth as a baby, was perfect, and how He died on the cross. I had learned about Jesus, but I had never believed in Him. I honestly don’t know if I knew I had to believe in Him.
This all changed in AWANA when I was eight.
During “counsel time” I listened to the lessons, and I learned that I had to believe in Jesus to be saved from my sins. I know at some point they must have explained sin.
Then one night I believed in Jesus. I never asked anyone to help me, aka counsel me, I just prayed and told Jesus I believed in Him, and that I knew I had sin, and that I needed forgiveness. Now, I wish I had chosen to be counseled, I think it would have helped me. I wish that I hadn’t been to shy to ask for help, but I was.
Throughout AWANA I learned more, and grew in my faith. I also learned in Sunday School, and 5day club (similar to VBS). I never really grew, though.
It wasn’t till 6th grade, my last year of AWANA, that God started working in me.
That year I learned a lot of Bible verses, and I learned and grew in general. I know now that God had placed the AWANA leader He did in my life for a reason. Me and that leader became close friends. She inspired me, and helped me grow. We often had fun together. She was my first friend who was older than me. I enjoyed her company, and looked to her as a roll model. I was at the age where I needed a good roll model. God placed her in that position. I have to say, she helped me to where I am today. Without this amazing leader, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I thank God for her everyday!
Just so you know, me and this leader are still friends. She recently helped me so much, again. I am planning on writing her a thank you letter, telling her of all the things she has done, and saying good-bye (she’s going to college this fall).
If you’ve ever had a close friendship, you understand what I’m saying. It is hard to see your friends leave. I, being emotional, am very sensitive to this type of stuff. I’ve already had one friend move this year, and two more are going to. I am very supported by friendships, and having people leave is very hard, for me.
Everyday I ask God for strength, and comfort. He gives me both.
I, now, am going to say good-bye for now. I’ll be working on the next post.
If you have any prayer requests, comments, or questions, please feel free to ask me. I will try to respond quickly.

For now,

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