2019 lies ahead

Welcome, readers! Welcome to my blog!

Soooooo, it is 2019. A whole new year lies ahead. Wow. I do not know what will happen in this year, but God does. And I am trusting him to take care of everything.

Reflecting On 2018

2018 was a great year for me. A lot happened in it. To much happened to tell you everything. I will say, though, I grew in my Faith a lot. For one, I was inspired to start  this blog. I went to CYIA. I learned how to teach 5-day clubs, most of all I learned more about God. Working with CEF inspired me. It inspired me to learn more about God. 2018 had so much in it for me. Now 2019 is ahead. I do not know what it will bring, but I plan on continuing this blog.


My cousin and I are starting a blog, It would be wonderful if you went and followed us, and read our new blog. The Miles Between Us is our new blog. The blog is about our separate journeys and how the are similar (or not). We are both Christian homeschoolers, with a passion for serving Jesus. The Miles Between Us  is a blog about us, and our lives. Join us on our journey.


Tell me in the comments what you did for Christmas and New Years! I went to my grandparents house for Christmas, and on New Years Eve my family and I had a Dukes of Hazzard Marathon. We stayed up until midnight and watched the ball drop for the first  time!

Happy New Year everyone!



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