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Show your Room some love!

Hey, ya’ll! Today I am posting about how to show your bedroom some love.

Your room should be a place you love. A place that makes you feel happy.

Look around your bedroom, what makes you happy?

Make a list (on paper or mental) of all the things you love in your room. Don’t forget small things like your favorite stuffed animal or blanket! Also, don’t forget decor items, such as a lamp or vase.

This list is bound to be quiet long!

Now, think about what you don’t like in your room. Maybe it is your bedspread or curtains. Or it could be something small such as a lamp.

I suggest the first thing you do is get rid of the stuff you don’t like, it will make you more happy. If you can’t get “rid” of something, try to change it. For example, you may not love the flooring in your room, so, add a rug to it. Be creative, think about what you love, then apply it to your room. Replace what you dislike with something you like. 


Now, to focus on one place at a time.

Your bed

Think about your bed. Picture what colors are on your bed. What about your bed do you love?

white and green throw pillows
Photo by Designecologist on

Throw pillows are a great way to add some color (and style!) to your bed. On my bed (right now) I have two throw pillows. I have a horse print throw pillow that I made, and a flip sequin heart pillow. I like flip sequin pillows because one day you can have one color, another day a different color. You can really express yourself through pillows because you can get them in all different styles and colors.


purple blanket
Photo by Vecislavas Popa on

Your bedspread is another great way to add color. Blankets, comforters, and quilts all are good things to have in your room. I would suggest getting a double sided comforter, as you can change up how your be looks depending on the mood you’re in.


Your bed is a main attraction in your room. It should resemble you! Spend time making your bed, every morning, not just when friends are coming over!


Your desk

Not everyone has a desk in their room, but if you do, read this!


flat lay photography of calendar
Photo by on

With your desk, organization is the key. Yes, you don’t want a boring desk, but I have found by experience, organization can make what you already have look great.

Another tip: Use pen cups!!

Organize your pens and pencils with pen cups. They don’t need to be anything fancy.

I suggest you do a simple DIY.

Just wrap old jars and cans in washi tape. Use your fav color scheme!

Another thing I did was put a few of my favorite photos on my desk.

With your desk, you mostly just need to keep it organized and clean.


The Floor

This is quick and easy, simply add a rug in your favorite pattern to your floor.


The Windows

Another simple one, buy curtains in your favorite color.


The Walls

This one isn’t so simple. Your walls really depend on your own style.

I don’t really have any good ideas.

On my walls I hang things with washi tape. I have found that washi tape doesn’t pull paint off. I buy washi tape at Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts. I will leave some links.×5-yds-geometric/15874191.html#q=washi%2Btape&start=1×10-yds-pastels/15874753.html#q=washi%2Btape&start=1

Those I don’t have, although they are the same brand as the ones I have.×10-yds-rainbow-basics/15874100.html#q=rainbow%2Bwashi%2Btape&start=1×10-yds-pastel-basics/15874092.html#q=pastel%2Bwashi%2Btape&start=1

Those I have and really like. I will say one thing, though. In the pictures the tape isn’t the exact color it really is. It is less gray and a little brighter. Also, so you know, the dots and stripes are not solid white, the are sorta see through.


A few decor tips:

  1. Decorate to your own style. Choose what you like, not someone else.
  2. Be daring. If you aren’t sure, try it!
  3. Don’t let anyone make decisions for you, do the decision making yourself.
  4. Express yourself wherever you can. It will make you feel good.
  5. If you don’t like it and don’t need it, get rid of it or DIY it!


Well, that is about it for now. Tell me what you think of this post. I will be posting again soon about how to organize your closet.

For Now,






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