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What to do in Summer? Try a new sport!

Summer can be a great time to try a new sport. Summer is a great time for this because if you decide you like the sport, then maybe you can continue to do the sport throughout the school year.

Maybe you don’t think you’ll enjoy playing a sport, you know, you hate PE. You aren’t athletic, you aren’t good at any sport. You always mess up, in some way or another. Sports just aren’t for you…

Or are they?

Maybe it’s just that you haven’t practiced enough. Maybe you haven’t even tried to do good. Or maybe you haven’t tried certain sports, you could be good at them! You won’t know till you try it!

So what if you suck at soccer? Maybe your good at something else! I encourage you to try a sport, because, one, trying new things is good, two, you exercise is good for you. You should get up your courage, and go for it!

Now maybe you want to try something but you don’t know what. You don’t have to try an organized sport, it could be you just learn how to play basketball from a friend.

There is a vast variety of sports, and when I say sports, I don’t just mean organized sports, or the sports teams at your school. There are so many sports activities you can get involved in.

List of Sports that you can try:








Horseback riding




Stand Up Paddle boarding


Water Skiing


Track Events (hurdles, long jump, disc…)




(Okay, there are too many sports to list here)(You should get the point by now)




So you get it? There are so many sports you can try. And get this! IF you try something over the summer  that is completely unorganized, you like, but aren’t good enough to be on a team, you can still play it!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post. DON’T FORGET TO FIND A SPORT TO DO!!!

Do you play any sports? Do you want to play an sports?




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