Blogiversary · Fun stuff!


Hello everybody!

So, it has been a year. One Year since I started this blog. I’ve not always been consistent at posting. Not always kept my word, but I have enjoyed this first year of blogging. I know that blogging is something that has changed me in a small way. I know that a lot has happened since last year. Some things are good, others not. But, still, I am here, and I didn’t quit. I didn’t plan to. I wanted to keep this blog, and still do. I enjoy blogging and reading your comments. I enjoy writing post that I think are inspirational. I want to continue to blog. This summer is very busy for me. I want you to know, I might not post much within the coming weeks, but I will try. I might not get a chance to do everything I want to with this blog, but I will still be here. I’m not leaving, although I might take unexpected breaks. I just don’t know when I will get the chance to post. I will do my best to post when I can.

Anyways, on to the fun stuff.


Posts: 43. I have a total of 43 posts not counting this one! It is not as many as I wanted, but I think I did pretty good considering all that happened in the past year.

Comments: 59 total. I never thought anyone would comment at first, but then people started commenting. Thank you so much if you have commented on my blog!

Pages: As of now I have 4 pages.

Followers: 22. As of one year I have exactly 20 WordPress, and 2 email followers. Thank you to those who have followed me! If you haven’t followed me yet do so now!



Okay, so I have some awards I want to give out. They aren’t real awards, just more of acknowledgements.

Katie from was the person who first commented on my blog. Thanks Katie for commenting!

LibbyLoo from has commented most on my blog. 13 comments total that I counted. Thank you Liberty!

Heaven from came in a close second for most comments with 12 total. Thank you Heaven for your encouragement!

Thank you to all my readers! Thank you to each and everyone of you whose has read my blog!


To my followers: I am glad that you have joined me on this journey.


Have a great day,



2 thoughts on “Blogiversary

  1. Happy Blogiversary Haley!!! I’m so sorry I haven’t been keeping up with your posts lately, things in my life have been changing, challenging changes, so keeping up with all the blogs has been a bit of a struggle. But I hope you’ll be blogging for more years to come!!!

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    1. Hey! Thanks! Don’t worry about not keeping up, I totally understand. I have had a very busy summer, so I understand about not keeping up. If I’m honest I haven’t been the best about reading everyone’s posts lately, either. I also hope to keep blogging for a long time!
      Thanks for commenting!

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