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Where has the summer gone?

Where has the summer gone? Literally, it seems like it just flew by. I guess that is what happens when you are busy. This summer has been really busy for me.

Now here near the end of summer, I am exhausted. Not that the summer wasn’t fun, but that it was so crazy. I am not ready for school to start. Summer went by so fast. I’m not ready for it to be over. But at the same time I am. I don’t think that the craziness will end when school season starts, but maybe it will be different. I know it will be different.

Summer was actually pretty good. Like I said, busy, but it was good. As you probably know, I worked with Child Evangelism Fellowship again this summer. My sister and I taught three weeks of 5-day clubs in July, camp, then we had a break. Now this week, we are at our local county fair teaching there. I have enjoyed working this summer, even though it has been busy. I don’t want summer to end, but at the same time I do. I’m ready for the summer craz to end. I have enjoyed most of this summer.

Getting back to school will be hard, no doubt. But I want this school year to be good. I want it to be a better year than last year. I am excited for school-year activities to start back up. Like, our homeschool group, AWANA, and youth group. It will be nice to do those things again. It will be good to see friends that I haven’t seen all summer again, but I will miss spending time with the other summer CEF workers. There are things I am looking forward to, but things I know I will miss certain things.

I have to admit, I will miss a lot of things, and people…

Some people I miss already…

I try not to think too much about it. Thinking about it makes it worse.

Okay Moving on….

So, as you can see it has been over a month since I posted last. All I have to say is, I was extremely busy. You know, the usual excuses. The truth is, I kind of forgot about blogging. I’m sorry to say, but I did. It’s not like I meant to.

Moving on, again…

So, a little over a week ago, we spent some time at my Aunt Julia’s cottage on Lake Michigan. I though you might enjoy seeing some pictures!


I love these sunset pictures. I’m surprised at home good the pictures turned out!




This is Little Sable Lighthouse. We climbed the lighthouse, and the view was really nice!


These are the stairs in the lights house, sorry about the pic quality.




The beautiful view of Lake Michigan!


Looking down form the top of the lighthouse.


The railing around the lighthouse.


Boardwalks near the cottage.


The cottage. The front of it looks out onto Lake Michigan.


This was the beach in front of the cottage. Those are kayaks in the picture.


This is the eroding dune on the beach.


My feet on the boardwalk.


Another sunset picture.

I had so much fun at my Aunt Julia’s cottage. The time spent there was so enjoyable. I am glad that everything worked out so that we could go. While we were there no one seemed to care what time it was or what day of the week it was. It was very enjoyable.


What did you do over summer? Did you enjoy your summer?




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