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Winter Retreat

So, I really meant to post this sooner. Like two weeks ago. Anyways, I didn’t, and I actually have good reasons. Like the fact that I have had rehearsal(s) for the play(s) I am in. Yup, I am in two plays currently. And then there is school. While planning your own school schedule has it’s advantages, it also has it’s disadvantages. Of course I am so grateful I am homeschooled, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have each and every class planned for me. Then there was the time change this weekend, as well as having family up…so you get the point, I’ve been busy.

February 14-16 I went to a Christian Winter Retreat. I had a great time!

The band was Brothers Walker (link to their youtube channel). I enjoyed the worship times and definitely would see them again if the opportunity arises.

The guest speaker was Megan Fate Marshmann. Okay, she was an awesome speaker. Literally, she was so inspiring! Some of the things she said hit me really hard. The examples she used for certain things also helped me to understand some things better, also. I wish that I could have heard her speak for more sessions!

Other than that I had fun doing the extra activities, and definitely grew my relationship with my youth group. None of my close friends were able to go on the trip, therefore I had the chance to become better friends with some other girls.

Overall this youth retreat was amazing! I had such a good time, and would like to go back again sometime.

Have you ever gone to a youth retreat/camp?


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