Update · What I have been doing

This Summer….

Hello everybody!

So, perhaps you have been wondering why I haven’t posted.

I have a good reason, just let me get to it.

This summer is going to be very busy and exhausting for me, at least that is how it looks right now.

I will be taking Drivers Ed at 7am. Which means I am going to be getting up at 6.

I also will be teaching three 5-day clubs the first week of drivers training.

And I am going to be absolutely exhausted.

but that’s okay.

You see, the reason I am telling you this is not so you can feel sorry for me, but so that you know what I am doing, where I am at, and the reasons why I won’t be blogging as much. I love blogging, but as it seems I won’t have much time this summer to spend blogging.

but I have a plan.

I plan to schedule posts. Like, write them ahead of time (ahem, like I need to write them not), then schedule them to be posted on a certain day.

I have to warn you, though, I probably won’t be responding to comments on time. I will do my best to approve them, but as for responding, I might not get the chance.

Please leave comments, though. Because even if you don’t see them right away, I promise you, you will see them at some point. I love hearing from all of you and it is your support that keeps my blog alive. Thank you all who have followed, liked and commented! You are awesome!

So, while this summer may not be exactly as I had planned, I am still able to do some things I wanted to. As I said, I won’t be as present in the blogging world, but neither am I leaving entirely. I am hoping to be able to devote a lot of time to blogging when I am not as busy. Stay tuned for more updates!

I can’t wait to hear from you!


24 thoughts on “This Summer….

  1. That’s totally fine!!! It sounds like you have quite a busy summer; I’m sure I wouldn’t have time for blogging that much either! I hope all of your plans go well, and I will look forward to your scheduled posts! 😊


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  2. Aw, I hope you have fun nonetheless!! Scheduling posts IS a wonderful resource. When my family and I were traveling out West for two years, we were actually tent camping about 80% of the time, and so we weren’t in wifi very often. So I would schedule posts for like a week in advance whenever we were, haha!

    Anyway, I’ll be praying for you! I think I’m going to have a busy summer/even busier fall, too!

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  3. Good luck with drivers Ed and the clubs! I hope you have fun!😃 Ooh yeah I was planning on doing scheduled posts when I’m on vacation….but I never got around to it.😆 can’t wait to see em’!

    TruceyGirl 💜💛

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    1. Thanks for commenting! I hope to have fun this summer, XD.
      Hopefully I will be able to go through with the scheduled posts, I am working on it, but don’t have anything completed yet.

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  4. This is a pretty crazy coincidence, but I’m teaching 5-day clubs while also taking driver’s ed this summer as well! Sounds like we will both be pretty busy. 😂 It’s understandable that blogging is often not as big a priority.

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  5. I will pray for you this summer! I hope you get enough time to rest and enjoy too! I don’t mind late responses! I totally understand! I myself am pretty busy now adays! I find it so hard to get time to post something!!

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