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Holiday Gift Guide 2020 ~ Crayola Colored Pencil Review (plus pencil sharpener mini review)

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Do you love coloring? Do you enjoy drawing? I know that I do! And that is why I am review Crayola Colored Pencils today!

*disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored or endorsed by Crayola or any other company mentioned in this post


Crayola Colored Pencils Crayola Colored Pencils Adult Coloring Set, Gift, 100 Count:  Toys & Games
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12, 24, 50, and 100 (I have the 100 pack)

Where to Buy:

You can practically get them at any semi-large store. I know that Walmart has them as well as craft stores and


(from Amazon) 12: $4.99, 24: $8.35, 50: couldn’t find for single 17.17 for two, 100: $13.45


I love these colored pencils! I honestly like them more than ones that came from an art set that I have. They are probably not as good as high-quality artist pencils, but personally I like them.

I use a Bostich Twist-n-Sharp pencil sharpener to sharpen my pencils. I have had minimal trouble with this sharpener, and colored pencils are no exception!

The “lead” in Crayola Colored Pencil is not too hard or soft. You can easily change shades by changing the pressure. In the 12 pack you get less colors (just the basic colors), 24 is more, so is 50, and 100 is the most (duh, lol). If you love coloring, I recommend the 100 pack. It has a huge range of colors, which I love. 50 is less than 100, but if coloring isn’t your fav, or if you don’t want to have to choose from 7 shades of read and 16 shades of blue, then the 50 pack is probably better.

I have no complaints about these colored pencils other than you have the normal breaking of lead sometimes. That is to be expected, so really I haven’t got a complaint!


I absolutely love Crayola Colored Pencils. They are the best inexpensive colored pencils that I have used.


With the 100 pack you get so many colors! Here is the list of how many shades you get:

Red: 7
Orange: 9
Yellow: 7
Green: 13
Blue: 16
Purple: 13
Brown: 17 (including pale colors)
Gray: 7
Black: 1
White: 1

Thank you so much for reading! Do you like colored pencils? What do you think of this review? Do you want to see more reviews like this?

I hope you all have a great day!

12 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide 2020 ~ Crayola Colored Pencil Review (plus pencil sharpener mini review)

  1. That’s so fun! I use Crayola Super tip markers, and they are really good for there price! (And awesome for people who, like me, can’t afford anything more expensive… XD) I have the 100 pack, and there are sooo many colors! I really want to try out the colored pencils too. πŸ˜€
    thanks for this review!!

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