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10 Homemade Gift Ideas!

Hey everyone! I hope this post finds you well!

Today I am writing a homemade gift list because we all appreciate something that has meaning when we are given a gift. Now, maybe you have received a not-so-nice homemade gift and would rather have something bought from a store than homemade, but bear with me, and read this list! Not everything on it is terrible, I promise.

10 Homemade Gift Ideas

1 Something you wrote-poems, short stories, favorite quotes

If you are a writer, you can make a gift of your writing. I would love to receive a piece of writing from any of my writer friends, because I know that it would be a meaningful thing to me. I am sure your friends or family would appreciate if you wrote something special for them.

2. Knotted Fleece Blanket

I love blankets. I have made like SO many of these, and they are super simple! If you aren’t the most crafty person, this could be a super easy gift for you to make. They are also relatively budget friendly, as you don’t need supplies other than fleece and scissors (and your hands…).

How to Make a Fleece Tie Blanket

here are instructions on how to make one:

3. Knitted or Crocheted Hat

I wish I could say I have made one, but alas, I am not good at crocheting and I don’t know how to knit!

If you can knit or crochet, this could be a great gift idea!

4. Baked Goods

If you like baking, you know how good homemade treats taste. MUCH better than store bought or pre mixed ones. Your friends would love to have something made by you. You could even make like, a brownie mix in a jar and including instructions for them to make it themselves (well, part of it).

5. Tie-dyed Shirt

I personally love my tie-dyed clothing, it is so fun and bright. Tie dye is pretty simple to do, so again, if you aren’t a crafty person, this could be a simple gift that you could make. This one could be more expensive, though, if you don’t have a shirt and tie dye on hand.

6. Friendship Bracelet

There are so many patterns for friendship bracelets so you can find anything from the most simple, to more complicated patterns. A simple search in a search browser can pull up all sorts of ideas.

7. Original Painting

Personalized Snowman Family Canvas Painting | Etsy
Not my image

If you enjoy painting, a simple painting idea is a snowman family painting. I have made three of these (and another one right now) for grandparents, and I know that they like them! They are pretty easy to do, but canvases can be expensive. If you are searching for a gift idea for grandparents or extended family, a snowman painting would be a great idea for them!

Also, if you paint regularly, almost any nice painting would be appreciated by grandparents.

8. Hand-drawn fan art

This one is more for friends and siblings. If you can draw, you could draw your friends or siblings favorite characters. They could use them as wall art.

Character that I have drawn include Maria from the Sound of Music, Olaf from Frozen, The twins from The Parent Trap, Bethany Hamilton from Soul Surfer, and the main character from The Dukes of Hazzard. (just to give you some ideas 😉 )

9. Homemade Scrunchie

Ah yes, a scrunchie…

I haven’t made one myself, but from what I know, they are not complicated! I have seen some simple instructions somewhere, but I cannot recall where, but I am sure that a google search could pull one up easily!

10. Homemade Jewelry

Craft stores hold an abundance of beads and elastic and earrings. Overall, you can make some pretty simple, yet elegant jewelry for a mom, aunt, grandma or friend! I have even made some for a youth group leader whom I loved (she sadly moved away and we fell out of contact. 😦 )

Well ya’ll that is it for now! Let me know in the comments what you think of these ideas!

22 thoughts on “10 Homemade Gift Ideas!

  1. Awesome list! my favorite ideas are painting (I love painting!), homemade scrunchies (I’ve made a few of those!) and tie dyed shirt. I haven’t tie dyed yet before, but I really want to someday.
    Thanks you for these awesome ideas! These are awesome for people (like me! XD) who don’t have a lot of money to spend on gifts. 🙂 😀

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  2. What lovely ideas. I’ve always given baked goods (I’m a awesome baker), but I might go to You Tube and make some kind of jewelry…I know I’d love to have a woven bracelet like the friendship bracelet I see the junior high girls sporting, and they tell me a friend made it for them. What a lovely gesture! I did get a bracelet after a donation to Women to Women International. It does not “go” with anything I wear, but I wear it with pride with jeans and a plain T-shirt.

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