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July: A busy month

Hey! What’s up? It’s been a hot second since I was on here. Well, today all will be revealed.

I suppose not ALL, but the reason (s?) that I wasn’t posting. This isn’t a promise that I’m coming back, either. August will also be busy month. Then of course, school will be starting.

Just to be clear, I’ve missed blogging, but I’m not sorry that I haven’t been here. I just wasn’t physically or mentally able to blog.

July was a busy month.

It started off with play rehearsals. I was in Frozen Jr. with my local theatre company. The shows were in the first week of July, so that kept me busy. The show was amazing. Even though I didn’t have a main roll, I loved it so much!

Lol, this is so true.

Anyways, Frozen was amazing. The last show was heartbreaking. I mean, I sobbed during the finale. We put so much work into it, in fact we started rehearsals before COVID happened. Maybe you don’t get what I’m saying, but if you’re a theatre kid, I’m sure you understand.

After Frozen, I taught 3 5-day clubs for the entire week. Meaning, I was gone from home and teaching ALL day for a whole week. The clubs went well, which is very good. They were pretty fun to teach.

The Saturday after the week of clubs, our youth group came over for a swimming and tubing day.

Then that Sunday we set up for day camp, and had an encore performance of Frozen. The performance was at the same place as the day camp, coincidentally. We sent hours at camp that day. The performance went pretty well. It wasn’t the best, but it was fun. After the performance we had our cast party. It was pretty mellow, basically just hanging out and eating food. One of my friends and I gave our director a card and chocolates. Oh man, I miss Frozen so much!!

The next week was Camp Good News. I was a counselor for the third year. In my group I had 6 children, ages 5-7. It was a bit of a hectic week trying to make sure that they were all there. One day after the afternoon snack, we were heading up to the chapel, but the kids in my group went before I was ready. So when I got to the chapel I went to sit with my group, and I noticed when of the boys was missing. Now, he was a bit of a troublesome child, and had trouble listening to me. I went back outside to try to find him, other counselors were coming in to the chapel, and I asked if they had seen him, and no one had. So one of the other counselors and I went on the golf cart to go look for him. We couldn’t find him anywhere, not in the bathrooms, or the lodge, and no one had seen him. So we went back to the chapel, and right as we got there I remembered that he had told me earlier in the day that he wanted to sit with his friend whom he was getting a ride home with. Luckily he was there. That’s my camp story. Other than that and getting water sprayed up my nose during water games, it was pretty good.

So, that was camp. After that week, I was teaching at a VBS about an hour away. That required me getting up and being ready to leave the house at 8 in the morning. Maybe that’s not early for you, but for me, wow, it seemed early. The VBS went well overall.

And that brings us to now. I can’t believe it’s already August! What are your plans for this month? How was your July?

Thanks for reading!


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