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January Reads! + Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! I know this is late, but I decided to stick with it, and post the books I read in January. Yeah, It's the middle of February, I know, but here is the post anyways. I'm doing it a little differently. This time I am just putting the title and how may stars… Continue reading January Reads! + Happy Valentines Day!

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2021 Here we come

I believe that we all hope the 2021 is "better" than 2020. For different people that means different things. Maybe you hope that Covid-19 will go away, or that people will learn how to better deal with it. Maybe you want to see your extended family or friends again. Maybe you don't want to have… Continue reading 2021 Here we come

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Holiday Gift Guide 2020 ~ Crayola Colored Pencil Review (plus pencil sharpener mini review)

made with Canva Hello! Do you love coloring? Do you enjoy drawing? I know that I do! And that is why I am review Crayola Colored Pencils today! *disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored or endorsed by Crayola or any other company mentioned in this post Product: Crayola Colored Pencils No image rights Quantity:… Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide 2020 ~ Crayola Colored Pencil Review (plus pencil sharpener mini review)

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Christmas begins with Christ

Hello! Merry Christmas! Today is the day that we celebrate the birth of Christ. You know how people say "Jesus is the reason for the season" or "Christmas begins with Christ"? Well those things are true. Without the birth of Jesus we probably would not celebrate Christmas. Why? Because without Jesus there wouldn't be Christmas.… Continue reading Christmas begins with Christ

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Happy Independence Day! (and more)

Hello everyone! Happy Independence Day! Today is the wonderful day when we celebrate our independence from England. What seems like many years ago, our country was ruled by England, and we were not free. Today because of the war that was fought, we are free. America has come a long ways since the Revolutionary War,… Continue reading Happy Independence Day! (and more)