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The Liebster Award

Welcome welcome welcome! How are you today? I hope that you are doing well! Megan @ Not So Perfect nominated me to do the Liebster Award! Now, I have done this award before, but that was like, decades ago, so I am doing it again. Plus, it's different questions this time. 😉 Thanks Megan for… Continue reading The Liebster Award

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Upcoming Posts

Hi everyone! I'm here today with a quick post! I figured I'll let you know what is in store, because you know... Yeah. I don't have a real reason other than I don't have anything else to post today. XD sorry. ^That was really lame^ Anyways, You probably are bored already, but stick with me… Continue reading Upcoming Posts

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The Original Outstanding Blogger Award!

Hey everyone! I have yet again been nominated for another award!! Thank you LRose5 for nominating me! This award looks pretty cool! Let's Dive in! Rules: Provide a link to the creators original award post. ( This is important and you'll see why in a moment) Answer the questions provided Create 7 unique questions Nominate… Continue reading The Original Outstanding Blogger Award!

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Two Awards that I wasn’t exactly nominated for but am doing anyways

Hey ya'll. So I have decided to do two awards that I wasn't exactly nominated for but am doing anyways. So Diamond recently posted A Collection of Awards on her blog, and she didn't nominate specific people, just people who fit into a category. It just so happens that I fit into two of the… Continue reading Two Awards that I wasn’t exactly nominated for but am doing anyways