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Library Book Haul

Hi everyone! Here I am with the promised book haul, from the library! A couple of weeks ago we went to the library for the first time in a year! I was so excited to be able to go to the library, and I may have gone a little crazy and checked out.... 11 books...… Continue reading Library Book Haul

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February Reads + Updates + Exciting March challenge

Hey hey hey! It's March everyone! And that means... ITS TIME FOR A POST!! and not just any post, but a February Reads post! I hope you are excited, because I am!! Now the moment you've all been waiting for! Seeing what I have read in February! Christy Miller Collection Volume 1, books 1-3 by… Continue reading February Reads + Updates + Exciting March challenge

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January Reads! + Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! I know this is late, but I decided to stick with it, and post the books I read in January. Yeah, It's the middle of February, I know, but here is the post anyways. I'm doing it a little differently. This time I am just putting the title and how may stars… Continue reading January Reads! + Happy Valentines Day!

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What to do in Summer? Read the days away!

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR BOOKS! PROCEED WITH CAUTION!   Summer is a great time to catch up on some reading. For a few posts in this series I will be doing book reviews, and maybe book lists. Some of you may not enjoy reading, that is okay. But whether you do or don't,… Continue reading What to do in Summer? Read the days away!