Madi’s Doing A Giveaway!

Hello Everyone! How are you? I'm doing well! Today I have some exciting news! Madi @ Delightful World of Dolls is doing a giveaway! If you like American Girl Dolls be sure to check this out! It's for ANY doll! Hear that? ANY DOLL OF YOUR CHOICE! EVEN CREATE YOUR OWN DOLLS!!! Yes, it is… Continue reading Madi’s Doing A Giveaway!

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Giveaway @ The Striped Plaid!

Hey hey hey! You know what? (you'd know if you read the title. XD) Hannah's image. credits go to her. Hannah @TheStirpedPlaid is doing an awesome giveaway!! Click HERE to check it out! Y'all need to check it out. Please do. Click here. So, stop reading and go now!!! Still reading? por favor!!! Check it… Continue reading Giveaway @ The Striped Plaid!

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It’s Finally Here! ~Announcing the winners

HI everyone! Here is the post you have all been waiting for.... Announcing the winners of my Double Virtual Giveaway!!!! Please check out the previous post if you have not read it or if you need a refresher. 😉 As a quick refresher, there will be three winners for the Guest posting giveaway and four… Continue reading It’s Finally Here! ~Announcing the winners