The Person Behind All This


My name is Haley and I am a Christian teen blogger.

(Now that is a little bland so here’s a whole lot more for you!)

I am 16 years old. I am an INFP, and I agree with that! I am also a Hufflepuff, which I feel is fitting. I think of myself as a total bookworm and I LOVE reading! I own three American Girl Dolls and enjoy photographing them. I love stuffed animals and currently have 121 (I think).

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I love the color yellow! Ranging from Autumnal Gold to Highlighter Yellow, but my favorite shade of yellow is Pastel Yellow. I love pastel colors, especially pastel yellow!

8 Scientific Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate | Everyday Health

Another one of my favorite things is chocolate. Almost all chocolate is good, but dark chocolate is my favorite! I mean, I like really dark chocolate. I also like chocolate ice cream, chocolate on potato chips, chocolate milkshakes (oh, and french fries dipped in chocolate shakes), chocolate and peanut butter, hot chocolate… I think you get the point, I love chocolate!

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Some other foods I like are, tacos, biscuits, cheese, peanut butter, bacon cheese burgers, and homemade pizza. (you have not experienced the full delight of pizza if you haven’t had it homemade!)

Why Do Horses Sleep Standing Up? | Britannica

My favorite animal is horses (hence my username), but I love almost all other animals, too!

My Rooster, Golden.
some of our little flock!

I have pet chickens and a pet rooster! I absolutely love my rooster!

The Underground Group Supplying Pittsburgh's Prisoners with Books ...

I have a lot of hobbies! Some of them are, reading, writing, blogging, sewing (sometimes), kayaking, biking, painting, and uh snuggling blankets? I also enjoy journaling (bullet journaling, too), writing poetry, pen-paling, photography, coloring, playing piano and guitar, writing music, and, yeah… the list pretty much goes on forever… Out of those my favorite is ….. um…. i really have no clue….

What It Means to Take Up Your Cross (and How to Do it)
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On a more serious note, I am a Christian on fire for Jesus. My goal is to serve Jesus through everything I do. I am passionate about teaching children the great news of Jesus. The Lord has blessed me by allowing me to work with children through Child Evangelism Fellowship and AWANA.

One thing I dislike is when people underestimate me. I tend to be a quiet person (although if you get to know me I can talk your ear off), and sometimes others think that means I am shy. I hate when people call me shy, because shyness and quietness are not the same thing! I don’t think of myself as shy because really I am not.

Thank you for reading! Be sure to check out my About the Blog page as well!