I don’t use typical toothpaste?!

So, if you read the title you are probably thinking "what?!" You read it right. I don't use typical toothpaste... and yes, my teeth are fine. I don't use regular toothpaste, so to speak, but I do use toothpaste. Homemade toothpaste. A little disclaimer: it wasn't my idea original to use homemade toothpaste. It was… Continue reading I don’t use typical toothpaste?!

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Show your Room some love!

Hey, ya'll! Today I am posting about how to show your bedroom some love. Your room should be a place you love. A place that makes you feel happy. Look around your bedroom, what makes you happy? Make a list (on paper or mental) of all the things you love in your room. Don't forget… Continue reading Show your Room some love!