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Blog Contest

Hi everyone! Just popin in real quick to say today is the last day to enter Kaelyn's and Evin's Blog contest! If you like writing Summer of Stories is the contest for you! Kaelyn @ Kaelyn's Life is hosting Summer of Stories! Go check out this cool contest! If you like Arts &… Continue reading Blog Contest

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This Summer….

Hello everybody! So, perhaps you have been wondering why I haven't posted. I have a good reason, just let me get to it. This summer is going to be very busy and exhausting for me, at least that is how it looks right now. I will be taking Drivers Ed at 7am. Which means I… Continue reading This Summer….

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Happy Independence Day! (and more)

Hello everyone! Happy Independence Day! Today is the wonderful day when we celebrate our independence from England. What seems like many years ago, our country was ruled by England, and we were not free. Today because of the war that was fought, we are free. America has come a long ways since the Revolutionary War,… Continue reading Happy Independence Day! (and more)

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What to do in Summer? Read the days away!

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR BOOKS! PROCEED WITH CAUTION!   Summer is a great time to catch up on some reading. For a few posts in this series I will be doing book reviews, and maybe book lists. Some of you may not enjoy reading, that is okay. But whether you do or don't,… Continue reading What to do in Summer? Read the days away!