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Worth the Wait

Today I got a letter in the mail from my pen-pal. The pen-pal who hadn't written me in months... And if you are reading this, pen-pal (you know who you are), please know that I am so happy that you finally wrote back! Sometimes I am impatient. Having this person as a pen-pal has really… Continue reading Worth the Wait

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Fear, You Can’t Stop Me.

Fear, You can't stop me. I have someone on my side who is greater than you. I have God, who will help me. I won't let you get me down. Fear, you are a liar. You steal happiness. You try to make us worry. But Fear, we won't let you. I have a God who… Continue reading Fear, You Can’t Stop Me.

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Christmas begins with Christ

Hello! Merry Christmas! Today is the day that we celebrate the birth of Christ. You know how people say "Jesus is the reason for the season" or "Christmas begins with Christ"? Well those things are true. Without the birth of Jesus we probably would not celebrate Christmas. Why? Because without Jesus there wouldn't be Christmas.… Continue reading Christmas begins with Christ