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Worth the Wait

Today I got a letter in the mail from my pen-pal. The pen-pal who hadn't written me in months... And if you are reading this, pen-pal (you know who you are), please know that I am so happy that you finally wrote back! Sometimes I am impatient. Having this person as a pen-pal has really… Continue reading Worth the Wait

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Winter Retreat

So, I really meant to post this sooner. Like two weeks ago. Anyways, I didn't, and I actually have good reasons. Like the fact that I have had rehearsal(s) for the play(s) I am in. Yup, I am in two plays currently. And then there is school. While planning your own school schedule has it's… Continue reading Winter Retreat

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Happy Independence Day! (and more)

Hello everyone! Happy Independence Day! Today is the wonderful day when we celebrate our independence from England. What seems like many years ago, our country was ruled by England, and we were not free. Today because of the war that was fought, we are free. America has come a long ways since the Revolutionary War,… Continue reading Happy Independence Day! (and more)